Styela areolata   Heller  (Sea Squirt)
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Class: Ascidiacea


Solitary ascidian. Oval or pyriform in shape. Size, 2 cm * 1.5 cm. Surface is soft and uneven. Both siphons are on the dorsal edge with cross slits. Test is thin and transparent. Mantle is semi-transparent with very fine muscle bundles. Four folds of branchial sacs on each side. Five inner longitudinal bars on a fold and three in interspace. Meshes elongated transversely with eight to nine stigmata. Tentacles are simple in two sizes. Dorsal tubercle is horse-shoe shaped with ends turned in or out. Stomach is with longitudinal ridges, intestine forms a close loop. Three to seven tubular gonads on the right side, one to three on the left.

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• Tamil Nadu, Ennur INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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