Dolabella rumphii [Status Unaccepted]   Blainville,  1819 (Sea Slug)
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Class: Gastropoda

Size: Animal measures 16 cm long and 10.5 cm broad; about 8cm to 6 cms high.

Color: White.

Animal is very large; body is broad and elongated, with a more or less oblong outline; posterior part of the animal is very distinctly marked off as a broad, obliquely truncated disc bordered by a raised fringe of the integument; skin is rough, tough and firm and bears short, filamentous processess; scattered all over. The head is more or less globular and divided ventrally by a deep depression from the foot; anterior tentacles are flattened and broadly expanded; rhinophores are more or less cylindrical, with a wrinkled and papillated surface, and are hollowed at their distal extremities. The foot is very broad, with
an almost perfectly smooth, flattened sole. The parapodial folds are well developed and are united in front, the line of junction between them being indicated by the fine spermatic groove which starts at about the middle of the entire length of the body and runs anteriorly, turning to the right side of the head; genital opening is beneath the gill, about the middle. The buccal tube is about 10 mm long and is furnished with two horny brownish jaws; radula bears numerous close-set teeth, but the rows are rather widely spaced, each tooth consists of a narrow basal plate with one long thin cusp; no central tooth or space is distinguishable.

Shell is thick, strong, calcareous hatchet-shaped; covered with a thin yellowish brown horny membrane but the apex of the spire is covered by a thick callus deposit, and its somewhat to the right of the middle, covered over by the mantle.

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• Tamil Nadu, Krusadai Island (Lat: 9.23) (Long: 79.22) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Kundugal Point INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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