Eumida sanguinea   (Orsted,  1843) (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Image copyrights: Hillewaert, H.

Size: Upto 60 mm long

Color: The color is variable, ranging from greyish white with brown spots through yellowish green to reddish brown with white transverse bands.

A species with a stout, dorsally convex body and made up of 60-140 segments. The uniform segments feature distinct parapodia on which the dorsal lamellas are clearly visible. The head has two large black eyes and five antennae, one of which in the middle of the head. Four pairs of rather long, thin tentacles.

Eumida sanguinea often lives in association with the sand mason Lanice conchilega.

Synonym (s)
Eulalia(Eumida) sanguinea Fauvel, 1933
Eulalia(Eumida) sanguinea Fauvel, 1933
Eulalia(Eumida) sanguinea Fauvel, 1953
Eulalia(Eumida) sanguinea Mohammad, 1971
Eulalia sanguinea Amoureux et al., 1978
Eulalia sanguinea Ben-Eliahu, 1972
Eulalia sanguinea Kiseleva, 1971
Eumida sanguinea Eibye-Jacobson, 1991
Eumida sanguinea Fauvel, 1911
Eumida sanguinea Fauvel, 1919
Eumida sanguinea Hartman, 1974
Eumida sanguinea Hartmann- Schroder, 1960
Eulalia (Eumida) pallida Claparede, 1868
(Subjective synonym)
Eulalia flavescens Bobretzky, 1868
(Subjective synonym)
Eulalia granulosa Verrill, 1873
(Subjective synonym)
Eulalia pistacia Verrill, 1873
(Subjective synonym)
Eumida communis Gravier, 1896
(Subjective synonym)
Eumida maculosa Webster, 1879
(Subjective synonym)
Eumidia americana Verrill, 1873
(Subjective synonym)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Benthic, Muddy


• Red Sea
• Gulf of Aden
• Arabian Gulf

Literature Source(s)
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