Paramphinome indica   Fauvel,  1932 (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Size: Length 15-20 mm by 4-5 mm

Body cylindrical, slightly flattened anteriorly. Prostomium eyeless, globular, rounded anteriorly, very slightly bilobed backwards, with a very small oval or triangular caruncle set into the first segment. Two filiform lateral tentacles; median tentacle long, raised, inserted at the back. Palpostyles tentacle-like. On the first setigerous segment a long dorsal cirrus and a slightly shorter ventral one, and in front of the setae, two strong, curved, transparent hooks. No ventral cirrus on the second setigerous segment; on the third and the following ones both a dorsal and a ventral cirrus. Branchiae 0-13 pairs, from the 4th setigerous to the 13th-16th; they are very large, entirely covering the body and feet, divided into many branches bearing lateral filaments, simple or bifurcate. Both rami wide apart. In the posterior abranchiate region, of 10-13 segments, a short blunt dorsal process, with a long cirrus and a tuft of capillary setae, a larger ventral ramus with two fillets, an anterior conical, and a posterior rounded, a little shorter; a ventral cirrus and a very long setae. Dorsal setae of two kinds:
(1) large, straight, harpoon shaped bristles,
(2) long and slender capillary.
Ventral setae also of two types:
(1) short, with tip of the shaft bifurcate, one of the limbs large, curved, serrated, the other much smaller, slender and smooth and
(2) longer and slender serrate setae, with a small basal spur.
Acicula hastate. Anus terminal.

Synonym (s)
Paramphinome indica Fauvel, 1953
Paramphinome indica Hartman, 1959
Paramphinome indica Hartman, 1974

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal


• Arabian Sea
• Tamil Nadu, Kanniyakumari INDIA (Depth: -(1611.17-1629.46) mts)
• Arabian Sea (Depth: -969.26 mts)

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