Leucosia marmorea [Status Unaccepted]   Bell,  1855 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Color: Species, yellowish-brown color carapace with two pale round spots on either side of the gastric region. Legs brown in color.

True postero-lateral margin of carapace beaded only upto the level of the base of the first pair of true legs; a single row of large granules between the base of the chelipeds and the margin of the carapace. Carapace excluding the front, as long as broad, its posterior margin almost straight.

Carapace highly polished, piriform, longer than broad by the whole extent of the front. Its antero-lateral borders finely beaded, slightly sinuous, and gradually convergent. True postero-lateral border beaded only as far as level of the first pair of legs (2nd pereiopods).Its epidermal edge not visible in a dorsal view. The finely beaded posterior margin almost straight, with the surface below it quite smooth. The front is prominent, dorsally convex and truncate-triangular, ending in three minute teeth, of which the middle one is the largest. Chelipeds little longer than the carapace. The arm has its three borders tuberculate. The wrist and hand have a row of sharp cut granules along their inner edge. The fingers, which meet only at their tips, have the opposed edges distantly crenulate. Legs are slender.

Synonym (s)
Leucosia marmorea Bell, 1855

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Sandy


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andaman Islands (Lat: 10) (Long: 93) INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA
• Lakshadweep INDIA
• Kerala, Kollam, Neendakara INDIA (Record: 05/2005-04/2006)
• Kerala, Ernakulam, Murambam INDIA (Record: 05/2005-04/2006)
• Kerala, Malappurram, Ponnani INDIA (Record: 05/2005-04/2006)
• Kerala, Kozhikode, Puthiyappa (Lat: 11.5) (Long: 76) INDIA (Record: 05/2005-04/2006)
• Kerala, Kannur, Azhikkal INDIA (Record: 05/2005-04/2006)

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