Taeniura melanospila   Bleeker  1853 (Fish)
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Class: Elasmobranchii

Image copyrights: Paolo Vecchi

Size: Disc length 147 cm; disc width 17 cm

Color: Upper surface of disc bluish gray mottled with black spots and blotches of irregular size which often coalesce with one another; lower surface of disc creamy white; ventral fold of tail black.

Disc almost circular, 1.1 times wider than long. Eyes prominent but small, 2 times in interorbital distance. Spiracles dorsolaterally situated, larger than eyes. Mouth curved, with 2 or 3 buccal processes. Tail stout, slightly longer than disc, with 1 or 2 serrated spines inserted near its midpoint; a ventral cutaneous fold extends from below anterior end of serrated spine to tip of tail. Dorsal surface of disc rough.

Synonym (s)
Taeniura melanospilos Bleeker 1853
Taeniura melanospilos Day 1878

Common Name (s)
• Fantail Ray (English)
• Giluga Tirike (Telugu)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial



• Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Lat: 13.09) (Long: 80.29) INDIA
• East Coast INDIA (Record: 1984)
• SRI LANKA (Record: 1984)
• MADAGASCAR (Record: 1984)
• Red Sea (Record: 1984)

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