Acanthurus olivaceus   Bloch and Schneider,  1801 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Randall, J.E.

Size: 33.7 cm.

Color: In preserved specimens lighter or dark brown. A creamy band, red in life, bordered by black, from superior end of opercle backwards in a horizontal direction about as broad as eye, and short or longer than pectorals. Fins dark dark brown as the body, pectorals with a broad creamy terminal band, median caudal rays also creamy white in their distal two thirds, with a narrow dark outer border, the lobes uniformly dark brown.

Height 2.2-2.4, 2.9-3.4 in length with caudal. Head 3.7, 4.9-5.3 in length with caudal. eye 3.8-4.3, 2.8-3.3 in snout, and 1.2-1.4 in very convex inter orbital space. Profile of head convex from dorsal to tip of snout almost straight or markedly convex. Corner of mouth almost twice as near to hind border of preopercle than eye. Nostrils close together, before eye, the anterior one with a more or less distinct posterior flap. 8-11 lobate teeth in each ramus of both jaws. Origin of dorsal slightly before upper extremity of gill opening. First dorsal spine half length of second, which is two thirds of third one. Following spines slightly increasing in length to the last, which is as long as distance between corner of mouth and eye or shorter in large specimens. First to fourth dorsal rays slightly longer than last spine, the following rays slightly, the five posterior rays rapidly, decreasing in length, the fin pointed or obtusely pointed behind. Pectorals as long as snout and eye or slightly shorter. Ventrals pointed, half diameter of eye shorter than pectorals. Caudal truncate, but the upper and lower lobes much produced, falcate.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Acanthurus eparai Lesson, 1830
Acanthurus olivaceus Kittlitz, 1834
Acanthurus humeralis Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1835
Acanthurus humeralis Eydoux and Souleyet, 1841
Harpurus paroticus Forster, 1844
Acanthurus humeralis Bleeker, 1852
Acanthurus olivaceus Gunther, 1861
Rhombotides olivaceus Bleeker, 1865
Acanthurus olivaceus Gunther, 1875
Acanthurus olivaceus Sauvage, 1891
Teuthis olivaceus Seale, 1901
Teuthis olivaceus Jenkins, 1904
Hepatus olivaceus Jordan and Evermann, 1905
Hepatus olivaceus Jordan and Seale, 1906
Hepatus olivaceus Jordan and Richardson, 1909
Hepatus olivaceus McCulloch, 1922
Acanthurus olivaceus Jordan and Jordan, 1925
Acanthurus olivaceus Herre, 1927
Hepatus olivaceus Fowler, 1928
Hepatus olivaceus Fowler and Bean, 1929
Teuthis olivaceus McCulloch, 1929
Hepatus olivaceus P. Schmidt, 1930
Hepatus olivaceus Fowler, 1931

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fisheries, aquarium)

Habitat:  Reef Associated
Trophic Level:  Consumer
Prey:  Detritus


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA

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