Herdmania pallida   (Heller,  1878) (Sea Squirt)
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Class: Ascidiacea

Image copyrights: Arjan Gittenberger

Size: 9.5 cm * 7 cm * 4 cm.

Solitary ascidian. Fairly large, oblong to pyriform, compressed laterally. Siphons more or less prominent, widely separated and cross slit, each with four lips. Test is thick, translucent and cartilaginous. Mantle is thin, weak in musculature. Tentacles are compound, much branched of four sizes. Nine wide folds and one narrow folds on each side. Dorsal tubercle is large, hemispherical with two spiral coils. Dorsal lamina is a thin flap bearing 20 to 30 languets. Stomach is elongated with two digestive livers. Anus with four flaps.

Gonads are long, obliquely placed on each side.

Synonym (s)
Cynthia pallida Heller, 1878
(Original combination)
Cynthia rosea Sluiter, 1887
(Original combination)
Halocynthia pallida (Heller, 1878)
(New combination)
Pyura ceylonica (Herdman, 1906)
(New combination)
Pyura pallida (Heller, 1878)
(New combination)
Rhabdocynthia ceylonica Herdman, 1906
(Original combination)
Rhabdocynthia pallida (Heller, 1878)
(New combination)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Rocky, Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Harbour INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Ennur INDIA
• Kerala, Vizhinjam Bay INDIA
• Kerala, Vizhinjam Bay (Lat: 8.37) (Long: 76.93) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Chinnamuttom (Lat: 8.1) (Long: 77.56) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Leepuram (Lat: 8.11) (Long: 77.55) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin (Lat: 8.75) (Long: 78.20) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Kadiapattanam (Lat: 8.12) (Long: 77.30) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Tiruchendur (Lat: 8.48) (Long: 78.11) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Manapad (Lat: 8.37) (Long: 78.06) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Uvari (Lat: 8.28) (Long: 77.89) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Kudankulam (Lat: 8.16) (Long: 77.71) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Pozhikarai (Lat: 8.10) (Long: 77.40) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)
• Tamil Nadu, Colachel (Lat: 8.16) (Long: 77.26) INDIA (Record: 2002-2003)

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