Pentaceraster regulus   (Muller & Troschel,  1842) (Starfish)
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Class: Asteroidea

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It is characterized by five equal arms, closely packed flat polygonal granule-covering and absence of spines, though sometimes enlarged conical granules may be present on the marginal plates.

Synonym (s)
Pentaceros regulus Mueller and Troschel, 1842
Protoreaster australis James, 1969
Pentaceraster regulus Clark and Rowe, 1971
Pentaceraster australis James, 1969
Pentacerous regulus Muller & Troschel, 1842
Oreaster alveolatus Livingstone, 1932
Oreaster australis Lutken, 1871
Oreaster doederleini Goto, 1914
Oreaster luetkeni Bell, 1884
Oreaster magnificus Goto, 1914
Oreaster regulus Muller & Troschel, 1842
Pentaceraster australis (Lutken, 1871)
Pentaceraster cebuana Doderlein, 1936
Pentaceraster odhneri Doderlein, 1926
Pentaceros australis (Lutken, 1871)
Pentaceros luetkeni (Bell, 1884)
Pentaceros margaritifer Doderlein, 1926
Pentaceros regulus Sladen, 1889
Pentaceraster regulus AM. Clark & Rowe, 1971

Common Name (s)
• Cushion Starfish (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Ecosystem balance
(Efficient bioturbator)

Habitat:  Benthic, Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA (Record: 1963-1970)
• Lakshadweep, Chettalatt INDIA
• Lakshadweep INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Poomarichan Island INDIA (Record: 04/2002, 12/2002)
• Tamil Nadu, Thondi INDIA (Record: 06/2005-05/2006)
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Shingle Island INDIA (Record: 04/2002, 12/2002)
• Tamil Nadu, Krusadai Island INDIA (Record: 04/2002, 12/2002)
• Tamil Nadu, Pullivasal Island INDIA (Record: 04/2002, 12/2002)
• Tamil Nadu, Hare Island INDIA (Record: 04/2002, 12/2002)
• Palk Bay INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Thondi INDIA (Record: 07/2005-06/2006)
• Lakshadweep, Bitra INDIA (Record: 1968) (Depth: 1 mts)

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