Siraster tuberculatus   H. L. Clark,  1915 (Starfish)
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Class: Asteroidea

The center of the disc is slightly raised and the arms are flat. There is a small groove in each interradius. The aboral plates are more or less round in shape and are of different sizes. They are covered by small granules. The median carinal plates are slightly elevated from the rest and carry 2-3 enlarged granules on each arm. The interradial plates just adjacent to the supero-marginal plates are slightly elevated. The papulae are mostly confined to the radial areas.
On each side of the arm there are 10 supero-marginal plates. The first two plates at the base of each arm are smaller than the succeeding plates which gradually become smaller towards the tip of the arms. The plates are swollen and covered by granules of markedly different sizes. The first few infero-marginal plates are small and oval in shape. The rest of the plates are almost square-shaped and flat. They are uniformly covered by granules of same size. The oral plates are small, round and fewer in number than the dorsal plates. There are only 3 rows of ventro-lateral plates none of which reach the tip of the arm. The first row of plates reach the third and second row reaches the second infero-marginal plate. The third row has very small plates reaching the first infero-marginal plate. Papulae and pedicellariae are absent on the ventral side.
The adambulacral armature consists of two rows of spines. The outer row consists of a single spine at the centre, a pedicellaria at the proximal and an enlarged granule at the distal end. The second row consists of 6 short, flat spines of which the middle ones are the largest. The oral plates are large and conspicuous. At the centre of each oral plate there are two rows of enlarged granules arranged in an arc. Eight blunt marginal spines are present on each side of the jaw.

Synonym (s)
Siraster squamulosus H.L. Clark 1915
Stellaster squamulosus Koehler 1910
Stellaster incei Herdman and Herdman 1904
Siraster tuberculatus H. L. Clark 1915
Stellaster equestris A. M. Clark and Davies 1966

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam INDIA (Record: 1996)

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