Echinogorgia complexa   Nutting,  1910 (Soft coral)
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Class: Anthozoa

Color: Brown, axis dark brown, 'd' spicules colorless.

Colonies reticulate often forming circular to oval expansions. Stalk robust. Polyps completely contractile but collarets rest above the calyx margin. Spicules are of leaf clubs with root-like and tuberculated process, ordinary clubs, 0.33 x 0.126 mm, toothed spindles, 0.94 x 0.07 mm, granulated spindles and multiradiates.

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Habitat:  Benthic, Rocky


• Orissa, Gopalpur (Lat: 19.23) (Long: 82.03) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Kadiapattanam INDIA (Record: 1997)
• Tamil Nadu, Kanniyakumari INDIA (Record: 1997)
• Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram INDIA (Record: 1991-1992)
• Tamil Nadu, Thoothukkudi INDIA (Record: 1991-1992)
• West Coast INDIA
• East Coast INDIA

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