Clementia vatheleti   Mabille  (Clam)
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Class: Bivalvia

Size: Length 5.75-14.65 mm; height 5.35-13.60 mm; thickness 2.90-10.25 mm

Shell thin, fragile; lunule indistinct, depressed; laterals absent; surface with irregular concentric ribs.

Synonym (s)
Clementia vatheleti Mabille 1901
Clementia annandalei Preston 1914
Clementia annandalei Annandale and Kemp 1916
Clementia vatheleti Fischer Piette and Vakudinovic 1972

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Orissa, Off Balugaon INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Balugaon INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Nalabana INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Barnikuda INDIA (Record: 1913)
• Orissa, Baramuha INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada Bay INDIA (Record: 2005)
• West Bengal, Port Canning INDIA (Record: 1991)
• Orissa, Birds' dropping Island INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Parahara INDIA (Record: 1985)
• Orissa, Gaurangapatna INDIA (Record: 1985)

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