Ebalia malefactrix [Status Unaccepted]   Kemp,  1915 (Crab)
Organism information awaits expert curation
Class: Malacostraca

Carapace almost as long as broad, convex in both the directions, subcircular to polygonal in outline. A large separate facet present on the side wall of carapace at hepatic region. Postero lateral sides of carapace very long, convergent and beaded. The horizontal front little concave medially. One broad median elevated granular ridge and two similar lateral ridges present on posterior half of carapace. Eyes and orbits small. Chelipeds much stouter and slightly longer than the very slender legs. Arm of chela covered with granules on its upper and lower surfaces. The outer, upper and inner surfaces of carpus and palm finely granular. Margins of the thoracic sternum including basal part of abdomen granular in both male and female.

Long postero lateral margin of male is tridentate; three tubercular, broad, elevated ridges of postero dorsal surface of carapace, its front, chelipeds etc are unlike the other allied species.

Synonym (s)
Ebalia malefactrix Kemp 1915

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Estuarine


• Orissa, Chilika Lake INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Ennore INDIA
• Kerala, Kochi INDIA
• Kerala, Ernakulam INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Orissa, Chilika Lake (Lat: 19.46) (Long: 85.1) INDIA
• Orissa, Chilika Lake (Lat: 19.9) (Long: 85.58) INDIA
• Kerala, Vembanad Lake (Lat: 9.5) (Long: 76.21) INDIA
• Kerala, Vembanad Lake (Lat: 10.33) (Long: 76.83) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu INDIA

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