Ochetostoma stuhlmanni   (Fischer,  1892) (Marine Worm)
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Class: Echiuroidea

Body light brown in color, oval in shape and with prominent but very small proboscis. It measures 16 mm in length and 12 mm across the broadest part. Proboscis is 3 mm in length and 2 mm in breadth which surrounds the mouth in the form of a collar. The proximal ends of the two lateral margins of the proboscis are produced into two longitudinal processes. Body wall is thick with transverse wrinkles. Small papillae are prominent at the anteriormost tip of the trunk. Oval papillae are arranged in transverse rows at the posterior end. The posterior tip of the trunk is swollen in the form of a cloacal bulb which is fleshy and white in color. Ventral hooks are very small. Longitudinal muscles gather into 16 bands with transverse fascicles between the bands.

Prointestine is small. Dorsal vessel is stout, neuro-intestine vessel is single throughout. Gonoducts 3 pairs, first pair located anterior to the ventral hooks. Gonostome basal, gonostomal lip drawn into two spirally coiled filaments. Anal vesicles are two long tubes bearing sessile excretory funnels. A large rectal caecum is present.

Synonym (s)
Thalassema stuhlmanni Fischer, 1892
Ochetostoma stuhlmanni Stephen & Edmonds, 1972

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Lakshadweep, Kavaratti INDIA (Record: 8/2/1986)

Literature Source(s)
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