Xenotrichula laccadivensis   Rao,  1991 (Gastrotrich)
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Size: Length 170-220 µm excluding the tail forks and maximum width 60-70 µm.

The body has a typical chaetonotoid appearance, with a distinct head, neck, trunk and caudal forks. The head is crescent-shaped on the anterior border. It bears 2 pairs of sensory bristles 20-25 µm long on the anterior margin and a pair of posteriorly directed tentacles measuring 20-25 µm long. Two pairs of dorsolateral sensory cirri measuring about 10 µm long occur in the neck region.

Dorsally 8 rows of scales occur on head, 6 rows on neck, 12 rows on trunk and 2-3 rows on tail forks. The mid-dorsal longitudinal row consists of about 35 scales. The scales are poorly developed on anterior, posterior and ventrolateral extremities. Pedunculated scales occur laterally on trunk. The scales are borne on 1-2 µm long peduncles. Ventral hypotrichous cirri of the same size characteristic of the family occur in 2 longitudinal rows, one on either side of the digestive tract. The mouth is terminal and 8 µm wide. The pharynx is about 65 µm long and occupies about 1/3 of the total gut length. The gut following pharynx is about 130 µm long and undifferentiated into a stomach and intestine. Anus is subterminal and opens on the ventral surface about 6 µm from posterior border.

Reproductive system consists of paired testis and ovary situated symmetrically on either side of the gut. The testes are club-shaped strands located posterior to the ova. Vasa differentia open anteriorly behind the pharyngeal region.

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Habitat:  Sandy, Coastal


• Lakshadweep, Kavaratti (Lat: 10.55) (Long: 72.63) INDIA (Record: 17/02/1983, 19/02/1983) (Depth: 0.05 mts)
• Lakshadweep, Kavaratti INDIA

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