Parachaetodon ocellatus   (Cuvier,  1831) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Patzner, R.

Size: 14-18 cm.

Color: Yellowish, a dark black edged median narrow stripe from front to top of snout, a similar band, narrower than eye, from occiput through eye to anterior part of chest, three somewhat curved broader bands, the first from neck through operculum to base of pectoral and ventral, the second from spinous dorsal anal, the third widest, from spinous dorsal to spinous anal, the third widest, from beginning of soft dorsal to soft anal, which may be confluent with an intra marginal band on both soft fins. Caudal peduncle with a transverse band with an anterior and posterior white border. A black oval spot in the dorso-anal band at the base of the anterior half of the soft dorsal, pectorals, ventrals and caudal yellowish, the last with a dusky edge. Young specimens more silvery, the somewhat diffuse bands darker, the oval dorsal spot diffuse, the ventrals blackish. For other characters see those of the genus.

Height more or less than 1.25, head more than thrice in length. Eye 2.5-3 in head, equal to or somewhat less than blunt snout, which goes 3.5-4 times in head. Rostro-dorsal profile with a concavity before and a convexity above eye, strongly ascending to dorsal fin. Ventral profile canvex from snout to caudal peduncle. Spinous dorsal about 7 times shorter than length of soft dorsal, the spines rapidly increasing in height posteriorly, the first very small, the last shorter than head and about half length of first ray, the sequant rays evenly graduated to the lowest last. Anal of similar construction, but not elevated, more rounded, with 3 spines, regularly increasing in height posteriorly. Pectorals and ventrals shorter than head, the ventrals angulate, the first ray somewhat produced. Caudal peduncle more or less than 7 times in length.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Platax ocellatus Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1831
Chaetodon oligacanthus Bleeker, 1850
Platax ocellatus Cantor, 1850
Platax ocellatus Bleeker, 1861
Chaetodon oligacanthus Gunther, 1860
Platax ocellatus Kaup, 1863
Tetragonoptrus oligacanthus Bleeker, 1865
Chaetodon oligacanthus Kner, 1867
Parachaetodon oligacanthus Bleeker, 1874
Parachaetodon ocellatus Bleeker, 1877
Chaetodon oligacanthus Day, 1888
Chaetodon oligacanthus Macleay, 1881
Parachaetodon ocellatus Klunzinger, 1880
Chaetodon townleyi De Vis, 1885
Parachaetodon ocellatus Jordan and Seale, 1907
Parachaetodon ocellatus Ogilby, 1908
Parachaetodon ocellatus M. Weber, 1913
Parachaetodon ocellatus McCulloch, 1916
Parachaetodon ocellatus Ahl, 1923
Parachaetodon ocellatus Herre and Montalban, 1927
Parachaetodon occellatus Fowler and Bean, 1929
Parachaetodon ocellatus Herre, 1931

Common Name (s)
• Ocellated Coralfish (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial

Habitat:  Reef Associated


• Tamil Nadu, Chennai INDIA
• Kerala INDIA

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