Nassarius stolatus   (Gmelin,  1791) (Sea Snail)
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Class: Gastropoda

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Length: 3.80-23.85 mm.
Diameter: 2.15-12.95 mm.
Max height of the aperture: 1.90-9.50 mm.

Shell ovately conical, acuminate, rather smooth, with chocolate or brown bands on the body whorl; whorls convex, spire sharp, sculptured with slender axial ribs which becomes obsolete on the central area on the back of the last whorl, interstices obscurely fine and cancellate; columella calloused, not expanded; outer lip thick and slightly varicose.
Radula rachiglassate type with about 55-60 transverse rows of teeth. Central teeth with 10 strong denticulations and lateral forked.

Synonym (s)
Buccinum stolatus Gmelin, 1790
Nassarius (Hima) stolatus Ray, 1948
Buccinum ornatum Kiener, 1834
Buccinum stolatum Gmelin, 1791
Distorsio communis Roding, 1798
Nassa (Hima) stolata (Gmelin, 1791)
Nassa fasciata Chemnitz, 1780
Nassa fasciata Morch, 1852
Nassa ornata (Kiener, 1834)
Nassa stolata (Gmelin, 1791)
Nassarius (Niotha) stolatus (Gmelin, 1791)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Estuarine, Sandy, Muddy


• Gujarat, Gulf of Kachchh (Lat: 22.6) (Long: 69.5) INDIA
• West Bengal, Digha Coast (Lat: 21.61) (Long: 87.53) INDIA
• West Bengal, Digha INDIA (Record: 04/09/1964, 13/01/1983)
• West Bengal, Bakkhali INDIA (Record: 23/08/1978, 27/01/1980, 05/03/1985, 02/04/1987)
• West Bengal, Ganga Sagar INDIA (Record: 02/09/1979, 30/09/1980)
• West Bengal, Port Canning INDIA (Record: 26/09/1984, 05/03/1986)
• West Bengal, Haliday Island INDIA (Record: 01/09/1987)
• West Bengal, Medinipur INDIA
• West Bengal, North 24 Parganas INDIA
• West Bengal, South 24 Parganas INDIA
• Andhra Pradesh INDIA
• Kerala INDIA
• Maharashtra INDIA
• Orissa INDIA
• Tamil Nadu INDIA
• Persian Gulf INDIA
• Gulf of Aden
• Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada Bay INDIA
• Maharashtra, Mumbai Harbour-Thane creek system INDIA (Record: 1985-1986)
• Gujarat, Sangi-Kharo Creek (Lat: 23.28) (Long: 68.51) INDIA (Record: 1999-2000)
• Gujarat, Medi-Sinthodi Creek (Lat: 23.45) (Long: 68.48) INDIA (Record: 1999-2000)
• West Bengal, Digha Coast INDIA

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