Tetilla dactyloidea   (Carter,   1869) (Sponge)
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Class: Demospongiae

Color: Pale greenish gray

Sponge is tongue shaped and compressed, elongated, erect, fleshy, tough; surface smooth, upper extremity obtuse, round. The single osculum is very small and the central cavity into which it opens is almost obliterated. Lower extremity is terminating in a bundle of loose, soft, spiculiferous, keratose filaments, which is much reduced. The ostias are confined to upper three quarters of the superficial area of the sponge.
Skeleton is composed of long oxeas, anatriaenes and protriaenes. The anchors of the anatriaenes lie in the basal region and long rays project upwards, where as small radiating rays of the protriaenes are present on the surface region of the upper zone and the long rays extend towards the base. Oxeas are long and present throughout the sponge.
Megascleres are fusiform oxeas, anatriaenes and protriaenes. Oxeas-amphioxea, smooth and sharply pointed at both ends, length range 0.30-0.85 mm, width range 0.008-0.012 mm. Anatriaenes- smooth, length range of the shaft 1.5-2.35 mm, width range 0.004-0.008 mm; length range of the clads 0.028-0.035 mm. Protriaenes- length range of the shaft 1.25-1.75, width range 0.002-0.004 mm; length of the clads range 0.016-0.028 mm.
Microscleres absent.

Synonym (s)
Tethya dactyloidea Carter, 1869
Tetilla dactyloidea Sollas, 1888
Tetilla dactyloidea var. lingua Annandale, 1915
(Junior Synonym)
Tetilla dactyloidea Dendy, 1916
Tetilla dactyloides Burton and Rao, 1932

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andaman Islands (Lat: 12.5) (Long: 92.75) INDIA
• Maharashtra, Mahim Estuary INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Orissa, Chilika Lake INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Maharashtra, Off the Islands of Mumbai INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Gujarat, Okha Mandal INDIA (Record: 1995)
• South-east coast ARABIA (Record: 1995)
• Mergui MYANMAR (Record: 1995)
• Orissa, Chilika Lagoon (Lat: 19.77) (Long: 85.33) INDIA
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA (Record: 2006)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, North Reef Island INDIA

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