Spondylus imperialis   Chenu,  1844 (Thorny Oyster)
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Class: Bivalvia

Size: 13.5 cm SHH

Colour: Outer surface is pale pink; inner surface is smooth, pinkish white and glossy.

The shell is regular and the valves are slightly more flattened and more or less equal in size. The shell bears a characteristic and strongly developed sculpture consisting of six, widely spaced, thick, radial ribs carrying long, downwardly directed strong, stiff spines and three finer and weaker interstitial ribs in each of the interspaces between the main ribs, bearing much smaller, weaker and finer spines set almost perpendicular to the surface of the shell. The hinge has two very stout, protruding teeth in each valve which interlock strongly and effectively with no corresponding sockets in the opposite valve. The margin of the inner surface is toothed. The radial ribbing gives the edge of the valves a strongly undulating appearance in an end-view.

Synonym (s)
Spondylus imperialis var. purus Fulton, 1915
Spondylus ciliatus (non Sowerby) 1847
Spondylus nicobaricus ciliatus Habe, 1964

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial

Habitat:  Reef Associated,Demersal


• Tamil Nadu, Parangipettai Coast (Lat: 11.48) (Long: 79.77) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram Island INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar (Lat: 78.13) (Long: 8.58) INDIA (Record: 01/1994-12/1995)
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar (Lat: 79.5) (Long: 9.33) INDIA (Record: 01/1994-12/1995)

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