Pterosagitta draco   (Krohn,  1853) (Marine Worm)
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Class: Sagittoidea

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Size: Length up to 16 mm; Tail 38-40% of total body length.

Opaque, firm and stout body. Large head with obvious neck. On each side of head 8-10 hooks, 6-10 anterior teeth, 8-18 posterior teeth. No intestinal diverticula. Eyes round with T-shaped pigment-spot. The ventral ganglion is situated about midway along the trunk, slightly closer to the neck. Massive collarette, present even in young specimens, extending from the neck over the paired fins, thinning towards the tip of the tail. A single pair of lateral fins, semicircular in shape and with no rayless zones, run between the trunk/tail septum and the seminal vesicles.

Mature ovaries can reach to the neck region, ova in 2 rows arranged dorsoventrally. Ova large and round, but can be compressed into flat cylinders in mature specimens. The seminal vesicles touch the lateral fins and are close to the tail fin.

Synonym (s)
Pterosagitta besnardi Vannucci and Hosoe, 1952
Sagitta draco Michael, 1911
Spadella draco Krohn, 1853

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Pelagic, Coastal


• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA
• Kerala, Off Vizhinjam INDIA (Record: 01/1990-12/1990)
• Arabian Sea (Lat: 16) (Long: 62) INDIA (Record: 12/09/1991-23/09/1991) (Depth: 200-500 mts)
• Arabian Sea (Lat: 23) (Long: 73) INDIA (Record: 12/09/1991-23/09/1991) (Depth: 200-500 mts)
• West Coast INDIA

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