Conus flavidus   Lamarck,  1810 (Sea Snail)
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Class: Gastropoda

Size: 3 - 6 cm.

Color: Yellow with spiral bands, exterior light orange-brown to red-brown, with two narrow white spiral bands, one at the shoulder and one central, anterior end dark purple, interior violet. Overall colouration paler and a darker, purple base.

Long spire, solid, purple bands on apertur, brown priostracum, sharp apex, elongate obconical, spire low, with straight to convex sides, spirally striate, body whorl with sharply angulate shoulders and straight to concave sides, smooth except for weakly beaded spiral cords anteriorly, aperture narrow, straight.

Synonym (s)
Conus erythraeozonatus Barros e Cunha, 1933
Conus neglectus Pease, 1861
Lithoconus peasei Brazier, 1877

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(For decoration)

Habitat:  Reef Associated, Rocky, Sandy, Coastal
Trophic Level:  Secondary Consumer
Prey:  Carnivores


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