Myomenippe hardwickii   (Gray,  1831) (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Fronto-orbital border half or less than half, the greatest breadth of the carapace. Basal antennal joint not reaching the front.

The gastric region of carapace is fairly well demarcated and subdivided into three areas. The two antero-lateral of which have the surface broken up into low granular convexities. Every margin of the carapace is granular, but more finely near the surface margin. The anterolateral border is thin and rather sharp and is cut into four teeth, the first three of which are broad and anteriorly acuminate, the last narrow and carinated. The front is nearly a fourth the greatest breadth of the carapace and separated from the orbit by a deep notch, and is bilobed, each lobe being cut into three teeth. Chelipeds massive, a little unequal; upper and outer surfaces of wrist and upper surface of hand granular. Legs stout with a rough and furred or scurfy surface. The upper border of the last four joints and the lower border of the last two rather abundantly fringed with fine stiff hairs.

Synonym (s)
Myomenippe hardwickii Gray, 1831
Myomenippe granulosa de Man, 1887
Menippe (Myomenippe) granulosa Alcock, 1898
Myomenippe hardwickii Chopra & Das, 1937
Myomenippe hardwickii Serene, 1984
Cancer hardwickii Gray, 1831
Menippe duplicidens Hilgendorf, 1878
Menippe granulosa A. Milne-Edwards, 1867
Menippe granulosa De Man, 1888
Myomenippe hardwicki (Gray, 1831)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Estuarine, Rocky, Coastal


• Bay of Bengal (Lat: 15) (Long: 90) INDIA
• Maharashtra, Mumbai (Lat: 18.98) (Long: 72.83) INDIA
• West Coast INDIA
• Maharashtra, Mumbai INDIA
• Bay of Bengal INDIA
• West Bengal, Sagar Island INDIA (Record: 1984)
• Gujarat, Okha Port INDIA
• West Bengal, Sandheads INDIA (Record: 1892)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA
• Karnataka INDIA (Record: 2001-2007)
• East Coast INDIA
• Tamil Nadu INDIA
• West Bengal (Lat: 21.16) (Long: 85.83) INDIA
• West Bengal (Lat: 21.63) (Long: 89.83) INDIA
• West Bengal, South 24 Parganas INDIA

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