Alticus triangulus   Chapman,  1951 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Color: In Male generally a rich brown relieved by light brown markings, and quite pale on abdomen. Twenty to 22 narrow, light, vertical lines over snout and upper lip, and extending back onto lower part of cheek. Throat uniformly dusky or with one white chevron anteriorly and faint traces of two others posteriorly. Crest with a faint vertical bar of darker pigment in its center. Base of pectoral dusky with a diffuse spot in its center and on sharp markings. Top of head and area at base of dorsal light brown with a few darker small spots. Seven to 10 irregular, slender bands of light brown extend up on side from light area of abdomen and along base of anal. Darker areas of sides broken up onto irregular blotches by these and other diffuse lighter spots and markings. No sharply defined bars or spots on body. Dorsals almost black, relieved by diffuse lighter lines which noticeably slope posterodorsally on soft dorsal. Anal lighter proximally, shading into nearly black distally. Caudal with diffuse dark spot at base and dusky area terminally, but without sharply defined spots or markings. Pectorals and ventrals dusky, without sharply defined markings. Upper half of pectorals lighter than ventral half. Body side of ventrals darker than outer side. In Females lighter in all parts than male, but markings substantially the same. Always a narrow, white chevron on throat near symphysis, a second, usually less well defined, behind it, and at least traces of a third farther back on the gill membranes. Anal pale, with a narrow, submarginal, dusky band which may be broken up into individual spots between tips of rays, tips of rays white. Ventrals white.

Both sexes bearing a high, conical crest on head, twice the diameter of eye high as long as high in large males, shorter and lower in females, but still triangular. Nasal cirrus simple, pointed but somewhat flattened and not rod-like, as long as pupil diameter, rarely one or two tiny nubbins as base of outer side. Supra orbital cirrus as long as eye, or a little shorter, tapering to a point and with 4 or 5 small, fleshy filaments on either side. No nuchal cirri. Snout projecting well before forehead. Upper lip strongly crenulate for its full length. Lower lip weakly crenulate in its middle half, smooth on lateral quarters. No offset on lateral quarters of upper lip. A strong, sharp, recurved canine as long as pupil posteriorly on each dentary, fitting into pit in roof of mouth. Depth 5.5 to 6.3. Head 4.1 to 4.5. Lateral line disappearing under 6th or 7th dorsal spine. Dorsal deeply notched, with last spine buried in fleshy membrane at base of first ray, last ray bound to caudal peduncle but completely free from secondary caudal rays. Longest pectoral ray a little shorter than head. Last anal ray free from caudal peduncle. Caudal with none of rays forked except in large specimens where three or four of the middle rays may be forked at tip, lower three principle rays shortened with the peculiar clipped appearance typical of Alticus.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Salarias frenatus Herre, 1936

Common Name (s)
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• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andamans INDIA (Record: 1951)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA

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