Pseudochromis (Pseudochromis) fuscus   Muller & Troschel  1849 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Randall, J.E.

Size: 9-10 cm.

Color: Various color variations from almost blackish brown to bright yellow.

Height about 3 or slightly more in length with caudal, head somewhat pointed, about 3 in length, 3 ¾ to 4 in length with caudal, its rostro-frontal profile moderately convex. Eyes 3.2-3.5 in head, their distance less than diameter of eye about equal to length of snout. Lower jaw slightly longer than upper one, which reaches nearly to vertical through middle of eye. Cheeks with 5 to 6 longitudinal series of scales. Upper lateral line with more or less than 30 tubulated scales, running to about 15th ray of dorsal, separated from it by 2 scales, lower lateral line with 8-10 tubulated scales, separated from the upper one by 4 scales and running to base of caudal. About 40 rows of scales between upper corner of gill-opening and root of caudal. In anterior part of jaws a patch of pluriseriate small teeth with 2 to 3 curved canines, behind them a series of cardiform teeth, in the lower jaw unequal, conical, the middle ones longer. On vomer a row of moderately strong teeth and a slender band on palatines, Dorsal and anal with 3 moderately strong, pungent spines, increasing in size posteriorly. Dorsal with 14 to 18 anterior simple rays, the posterior being branched, increasing in size posteriorly, the longest nearly reaching length of head without snout, dorsal rounded behind and when depressed reaches on caudal. Anal of equal form with one or two anterior rays simple. Both fins with a basal sheath of scales. Caudal obtusely rounded, its basal half scaly. Ventrals inserted below base of pectorals, their second ray the longest, about as long as head. Dorsal spines (total): 3, Dorsal soft rays (total): 25 - 28, Anal spines: 3, Anal soft rays: 13 - 15.

Has been reared in captivity.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Pseudochromis fuscus Muller and Troschel 1849
Pseudochromis fuscus Bleeker 1852
Pseudochromis xanthochir Bleeker 1855
Pseudochromis fuscus Gunther 1860
Pseudochromis xanthochir Gunther
Pseudochromis adustus Gunther 1873
Pseudochromis fuscus Gunther 1876
Pseudochromis xanthochir Day 1888
Onar nebulosum De Vis 1885
Pseudochromis fuscus Day 1899
Pseudochromis wildii Ogilby 1908
Pseudochromis fuscus M. Weber 1913
Pseudochromis fuscus de Beaufort 1913
Pseudochromis nebulosus McCulloch 1915
Pseudochromis (Pseudochromis) fuscus McCulloch 1926
Pseudochromis fuscus Whitley 1927
Pseudochromis fuscus Fowler 1928

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial

Habitat:  Reef Associated


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andaman INDIA (Record: 1931)

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