Stenella coeruleoalba   (Meyen,  1833) (Dolphin)
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Class: Mammalia

Size: 2.6 m

Weight: 100-150 kg

Color: The color pattern of the Striped Dolphin is distinctive. It is, however, confused with the Common Dolphin. A black stripe runs from behind the eye to the anus. This line clearly separates the light grey coloring on the sides and the white of the belly. Above, the dolphin is light, dark or bluish-grey. A light grey ‘shoulder blaze’ runs from the flanks to under the dorsal fin. A black stripe runs from the eye to the flipper. The broad-based, pointed flippers are dark.

The striped dolphin is a slender animal with a long beak. Its forehead is not prominent and slopes smoothly from the beak to the bow hole; yet there is a distinct crease separating the forehead and the beak. The dorsal fin is moderately sickle shaped. There may be 45 to 50 pairs of sharp teeth in each jaw.

Striped dolphins are found in small to large herd, which may be widely dispersed. They are known to move in large schools of up to several thousands. They are described as active and conspicuous creatures, often jumping out of the water, and bow-riding.

Synonym (s)
Stenella styx Gray, 1846
Clymene dorides Gray, Gray, 1866
Clymene euphrosyne Gray, 1866
Clymene similis Gray, 1866
Clymenia aesthenops Dall in Scammon, 1874
Clymenia burmeisteri Malm, 1871
Clymenia crotaphisca Dall in Scammon, 1874
Clymenia crotaphiscus Gray, 1871
Clymenia dorides Gray, 1868
Clymenia esthenops Gray, 1871
Clymenia euphrosyne Gray, 1868
Clymenia euphrosynoides Gray, 1868
Clymenia novaezelandiae Hector, 1873
Clymenia similis Gray, 1868
Clymenia styx Gray, 1868
Delphinus amphitriteus Philippi, 1893
Delphinus asthenops Cope, 1865
Delphinus coeruleoalbus Meyen, 1833
Delphinus crotaphiscus Cope, 1865
Delphinus delphis mediterranea Nobre, 1900
Delphinus euphrosyne Gray, 1846
Delphinus holbolli Eschricht, 1847
Delphinus lateralis Peale, 1848
Delphinus marginatus Desmarest, 1856
Delphinus mediterraneus Loche, 1860
Delphinus styx Gray, 1846
Delphinus tethyos Gervais, 1853
Lagenorhynchus caeruleoalbus Gray, 1850
Lagenorhynchus lateralis Cassin, 1858
Lagenorrhynchus caeruleoalbus Burmeister, 1867
Orca tethyos Gerrard, 1865
Prodelphinus amphitriteus True, 1903
Prodelphinus burmeisteri Trouessart, 1904
Prodelphinus coeruleoalbus True, 1889
Prodelphinus coeruleoalbus euphrosyne Bobrinski, 1944
Prodelphinus crotaphiscus Trouessart, 1898
Prodelphinus doreides Trouessart, 1898
Prodelphinus euphrosine Trouessart, 1898
Prodelphinus euphrosinoides Trouessart, 1898
Prodelphinus euphrosyne Flower, 1885
Prodelphinus lateralis True, 1889
Prodelphinus marginatus Desmarest, 1856
Stenella asthenops (Cope, 1865)
Stenella caeruleoalba Scheffer & Rice, 1963
Stenella caeruleoalbus Tomilin, 1957
Stenella caeruleoalbus caeruleoalbus Tomilin, 1957
Stenella caeruleoalbus euphrosyne Tomilin, 1957
Stenella coeruleoalbus Hershkovitz, 1966
Stenella crotaphiscus Hershkovitz, 1966
Stenella crotaphyscus Honacki, Kinman & Koeppel, 1982
Stenella euphrosyne Oliver, 1922
Stenella styx Ellerman & Morrison-Scott, 1951
Tursio dorcides Gray, 1866

Common Name (s)
• Euphrosyne Dolphin (English)
• Blue White Dolphin (English)
• Striped Dolphin (English)
• Euphrosyne (English)
• Blue Dolphin (English)
• Gray's Dolphin (English)
• Streaker Porpoise (English)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Open Sea, Coastal
Prey:  Shrimp, squid and fish
IUCN Status:  Least Concern


• Bay of Bengal (Lat: 15) (Long: 90) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Off Parangipettai (Lat: 11.46) (Long: 79.76) INDIA (Record: 25/05/1989)
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• INDIA (Record: 1800-2000)

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