Stenella attenuata   (Gray,  1846) (Dolphin)
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Class: Mammalia

Size: 2 m

Weight: 110 kg

Color: Spotted Dolphins are grey overall, darker above and on the upper flanks, and lighter on the belly and lower flanks. The body is usually spotted, with white spots above and dark spots below. This spotting increases with age.
There is a distinct cape, a dark grey, from the head to the dorsal fin. A black circle around the eye extends to the junction of the beak and the melon, and a broad black stripe runs from the origin of the flipper to the corner of the mouth.

Whilst offshore animals are slender, Spotted Dolphins from the coastal populations are comparatively stout. The beak is moderately long, and the tall, falcate dorsal fin is centrally placed.

The size of Spotted Dolphins schools varies from a few individuals to thousands. Individuals will come to the bows of vessels regularly. Spotted Dolphins often throw themselves out of water, high into the air. They school with other species of dolphins like Spinner Dolphins Stenella longirostris. For unknown reasons, tuna will congregate below such schools.

Synonym (s)
Stenella dubia Cuvier, 1812
Stenella graffmani Lonnberg, 1934
Stenella malayan Lesson, 1826
Clymene punctata Gray, 1866
Clymenia attenuatus Flower, 1882
Clymenia capensis Flower, 1884
Delphinus albirostratus Peale, 1848
Delphinus brevimanus Wagner, 1846
Delphinus malayanus Schlegel, 1841
Delphinus microbrachium Gray, 1850
Delphinus pseudodelphis Wiegmann in Wagner, 1840
Delphinus punctatus Gray, 1866
Delphinus velox G. Cuvier, 1829
Lagenorhynchus albirostratus Peale, 1848
Lagenorhynchus coeruleoalbus Cassin, 1858
Prodelphinus alope Lutken, 1889
Prodelphinus attenuatus Flower, 1885
Prodelphinus brevimanus H. Gervais in Van Beneden & Gervais, 1880
Prodelphinus capensis Trouessart, 1898
Prodelphinus graffmani Lonnberg, 1934
Stenella graffmani Kellogg, 1940
Stenella pseudodelphis Oliver, 1922
Steno attenuatus Gray, 1846
Steno brevimanus Gray, 1866
Steno capensis Gray, 1865
Steno consimilis Malm, 1871

Common Name (s)
• Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (English)
• Narrow Snouted Dolphin (English)
• Bridled Dolphin (English)
• Malay Dolphin (English)
• Spotted Dolphin (English)
• Cape Dolphin (English)
• Graffman's Dolphin (English)
• Kiko (English)
• Slender Dolphin (English)
• Slender-Beaked Dolphin (English)
• Spotted Porpoise (English)
• Spotter (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Threats:  Anthropogenic
(The Spotted Dolphins suffer incidental kills in purse-seine tuna nets.)

Habitat:  Open Sea, Coastal
Prey:  Fish, squid
IUCN Status:  Least Concern


• Bay of Bengal (Lat: 15) (Long: 90) INDIA
• Bay of Bengal INDIA (Record: 1846, 1900, 13/04/1983)
• West Bengal, Sundarban Islands INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin INDIA (Record: 06/08/1999)
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai INDIA (Record: 12/10/2004)
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• INDIA (Record: 1800-2000)
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Harbour (Lat: 13.08) (Long: 79.76) INDIA (Record: 10/2004)

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