Diogenes investigatories   Alcock  1905 (Crab)
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Class: Malacostraca

Size: 2-6 mm

Antennal and antennular peduncles of equal length. Opthalmic scales spinose throughout the free edge. Eyestalks just reach the base of the terminal point of the antennular peduncle as well as that of the antennal peduncle. Antennal flagellum thickly setose and the antennal acicle does not reach the base of the terminal joint of its peduncle. Both the chelipeds thickly setose. Left cheliped short and stout, merus with a distinct spine at the proximal end of the lower inner border and with indistinct denticles on the lower outer border. Palm higher than long and the fixed finger not deflexed. A longitudinal row of spinules on the upper part of the outer surface of the palm.

Synonym (s)
Diogenes investigatoris Alcock 1905
Diogenes investigatoris Southwell 1906

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Palk Bay (Lat: 9.5) (Long: 79.25) INDIA
• West Bengal, Digha INDIA (Record: 06/09/1964, 18/11/1964)
• West Bengal, Digha Ghat INDIA (Record: 08/08/1976, 20/02/1988)
• West Bengal, Junput INDIA (Record: 07/08/1976)
• West Bengal, Ganga Sagar INDIA (Record: 12/04/1978)
• West Bengal, Bakkhali INDIA (Record: 11/04/1978)
• Andhra Pradesh, Vishakhapatnam INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Palk Bay INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Gujarat, Okha INDIA (Record: 1995)

Literature Source(s)
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