Ailia coila   (Hamilton-Buchanan)  1822 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Hossain, MAR

Max. size: 30.0 cm TL

Max. weight: 15 g

Dioecism, distinct pairing, external fertilization, oviparous, nonguarders of eggs, Open water/substratum egg scatterers.

Synonym (s)
Acanthonotus hardwickii Gray 1831
Ailia affinis Gunther 1864
Ailia bengalensis Gray 1831
Ailia coila Bleeker 1853
Ailichthys punctata Day 1971
Malapterurus(Ailia) bengalensis Gray 1833
Malapterurus coila Hamilton 1822
Malapterurus cuvieri Swainson 1839
Silurus(Acanthonotus) cuvieri Gray 1833
Acanthonotus hardwickii Gray 1830
(Junior synonym)
Ailia affinis G√ľnther 1864
(Junior synonym)
Ailia bengalensis (Gray) 1830
(Junior synonym)
Ailia coila (Hamilton) 1822
(Senior synonym)
Ailichthys punctata (non Day) 1872
(Misapplied name)
Malapterurus coila Hamilton 1822
(Senior synonym)
Malapterus bengalensis Gray 1830
(Junior synonym)
Malapterus cuvieri (Gray) 1830
(Junior synonym)
Silurus cuvieri Gray 1830
(Junior synonym)
Acanthonotus hardwickii Gray, 1830
Ailia bengalensis (Gray, 1830)
Ailia colla (Hamilton, 1822)
Alia coila (Hamilton, 1822)

Common Name (s)
• Bardua
• Bapati
• Ailia (English)
• Gangetic Ailia (English)
• Kadali
• Kajuli (Assamese )
• Patanga (Nepali)
• Patasi (Nepali)
• Buns putta (Telugu)
• Vella kalada (Telugu)
• Puttuli (Telugu)
• Banspatti
• Patasi
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
Cultured:  Unknown

Habitat:  Pelagic, Estuarine


• Orissa, Chilika Lake INDIA (Record: 1995)
• Bihar, Dighwara INDIA (Record: 1952)

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