Tetrapturus audax   (Philippi,  1887) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Archambault, C.

Size: Maximum about 3.4 m (total length); common to 2.9 m (total length).

Max. weight reported: 440.0 kg

Color: body dark blue dorsally, silvery white ventrally; first dorsal fin membrane blue black; other fins brown black; about 20 vertical bars, each consisting of several small pale blue spots or lines on body.

Body elongate, compressed. Upper jaw prolonged into a spear. Tow dorsal fins, the first low posteriorly, with 37 to 42 rays, the second small, with 6 rays; height of anterior art of first dorsal fin slightly higher than body depth; two separate anal fins, with 13 to 18 (1st) and 5 or 6 (2nd) rays, respectively; pectoral fins falcate, with 18 to 22 rays; pelvic fins shorter than pectoral fins in larger specimens, slightly longer than pectoral fins in smaller specimens, with one spine and 2 soft rays. Lateral line visible, curved above pectoral fin, then almost straight to tail. Anus close to origin of first anal fin. Body covered with densely embedded scales, each with one, or sometimes two acute points. Vertebrae 24 (12 + 12).

Diocieous, external fertilization, nonguarders, open water/substratum egg scatterers. Larvae are most abundant in the respective local early summers. The seasonal occurrence of mature females coincides with that of the larvae. The lower temperature limit in the distribution of larvae is approximately 24°C, both in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Synonym (s)
Histiophorus audax Philippi, 1887
(Senior synonym)
Istiophorus audax (Philippi, 1887)
(Senior synonym)
Kajikia formosana Hirasaka & Nakamura, 1947
(Junior synonym)
Kajikia mitsukurii (Jordan & Snyder, 1901)
(Junior synonym)
Makaira audax Philippi, 1887
(Senior synonym)
Makaira audax zelandic Jordan & Evermann, 1926
(Junior synonym)
Makaira formosana (Hirasaka & Nakamura, 1947)
(Junior synonym)
Makaira holei Jordan & Evermann, 1926
(Junior synonym)
Makaira mitsukurii (Jordan & Snyder, 1901)
(Junior synonym)
Makaira zelandica Jordan & Evermann, 1926
(Junior synonym)
Makairaf grammatica Jordan & Evermann, 1926
(Junior synonym)
Marlina audax (Philippi, 1887)
(Senior synonym)
Marlina jauffreti Smith, 1956
(Junior synonym)
Marlina mitsukurii (Jordan & Snyder, 1901)
(Junior synonym)
Marlina zelandica (Jordan & Evermann, 1926)
(Junior synonym)
Tetrapturus acutirostratus Deraniyagala, 1952
(Junior synonym)
Tetrapturus ectenes Jordan & Evermann, 1926
(Junior synonym)
Tetrapturus mitsukurii Jordan & Snyder, 1901
(Junior synonym)
Tetrapturus tenuirostratus Deraniyagala, 1951
(Junior synonym)
Makaira mitsukurii Munro, 1955
Marlina audax Smith, 1956

Common Name (s)
• Striped Marlin (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fisheries, marketed mostly fresh, frozen, prepared as sashimi (sliced raw fish) in Japan; gamefish)

Habitat:  Pelagic
Trophic Level:  Tertiary Consumer
Prey:  Cephalopods, squids, finfish, bony fish
Predator:  Toothed whales, Coryphaena hippurus, Thunnus albacares


• Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin Coast (Lat: 8.78) (Long: 78.13) INDIA

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