Ophionereis porrecta   Lyman,  1860 (Brittle Star)
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Class: Ophiuroidea

Image copyrights: Tim O Hara, Museum Victoria

Size: Diameter of the disc (d.d.)= Upto 15 mm.

Color: Disc grey with irregular dark markings, dark pattern more prominent in smaller specimens, arms mottled white and grey with dark spots, short spines white, ventrally off-white with grey blotches overall (Humphreys, 1981).

Disc covered by small imbricating plates, larger at the disc margin and between the radial shields. Radial shields small, longer and narrow, widely separated. Principal dorsal arm plates broader than long, proximal margin broader, distal margin narrower. Supplementary arm plates broader distally, as long as the segment. Oral shields longer than broad, with blunt tip on the proximal border. Adoral shields long, not meeting interradially. Oral plates with 5-6 papillae on each side. Ventral interradial disc with smaller imbricating plates and fine granule covering near the oral shields. Genital slits long, genital papillae present, proximal ones somewhat larger, not extending to the dorsal side. Arm spines three, the middle one longer and blunt.

Synonym (s)
Ophionereis porrecta Lyman, 1860
Ophionereis porrecta Clark and Rowe, 1917
Ophionereis aplacophora Murakami, 1943
Ophionereis crassipinna Ljungman, 1867
Ophionereis crassispina Ljungman, 1867
Ophionereis sophiae Brock, 1888

Common Name (s)
• Ophiuroids (English)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Benthic, Coastal


• Lakshadweep, off Kilttan Island INDIA (Depth: 55 - 91 mts)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair INDIA

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