Ophiothrix purpurea   von Martens,  1867 (Brittle Star)
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Class: Ophiuroidea

Image copyrights: Teresa Zubi

Size: Arm length to 12 cm, disc diameter to 1.2 cm.

Color: Disc patterned in red, arms dark red median outlined in white, arm spines red, ventrally lighter red with a dark median line along the arms.

Delicate; arms with very fine banding and red and white with dark red line along dorsal surface and very long, needle-like spines. Disc scales covered with long and thorny spines, central disc naked in the smallest specimen. Radial shields naked, large, widest at the middle or near the proximal end. Aboral arm plates longer than broad, distal side convex, a dark median longitudinal line bordered by red lines separated by pale lines on either side. Oral arm plates longer than broad, distal edge convex in basal segments, becoming concave later, dark media longitudinal spots forming an almost continuous line with pale lateral areas. Oral shields wider than long, a small pointed tip in the proximal side. Aboral shields longer than broad. Five long needle-like arm spines, thorny and pointed, about 6-7 times the arm breadth in length, uppermost the longest.

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Habitat:  Benthic, Reef Associated


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands INDIA

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