Cirrhitichthys aprinus   (Cuvier,  1829) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Randall, J.E.

Size: 10 cm.

Color: In preserved specimens yellowish or light brownish. Darker or lighter brown blotches arranged in transverse rows on the body, smaller and more irregularly scattered on head. With age these bands fuse and form more or less distinct broad transverse bands on the body and narrow ones on side of head. Dorsal and anal variegated with brown, sometimes with a dark outer border. Caudal light, with or without dark spots and a dark margin.

Height 2.3-2.7, 2.7-3.4 in length with caudal. Head 3-3.1, 3.4-3.7 in length with caudal. Height of head more than its length in larger specimens, less than its length in small ones. Eye 3.2-4.7, less than snout and much concave inter orbital space. Mouth oblique. Lips thick. An elongate patch of villi form teeth in the jaws, the teeth of the outer row in the upper jaw somewhat more pointed. In the lower jaw two rather strong canines in each ramus, behind the tapering end of the villi form patch. A patch of villi form teeth on vomer and palatines. Preorbital without scales, in adults often with about 4-5 strong denticulations. Four transverse rows of scales on cheek. Preopercle strongly denticulated along its edge and posterior border. A narrow posterior preopercular limb naked. Head naked above, with exception of a patch of scales on inter orbital space. Scales on upper part of head beginning immediately behind eye. about 7 rows of scales before dorsal. First dorsal spine equal to eye, spines increasing in length to the fifth, which is equal to post orbital part of head. Sixth and seventh spine only a little shorter. Membranes between the spines deeply incised, each spine with a more or less brush-like prolongation at its top. First soft dorsal ray generally produced and as long as head without snout, following rays much shorter, the soft dorsal being of about the same height as the spinous part. First anal spine equal to eye, third spine longest and strongest, equal to post orbital part of head and half eye. longest soft anal rays not much shorter than third spine. Pectorals generally with six, sometimes with seven or with five simple rays, the longest reaching to anus or on anal. Ventrals equal to head without snout or half diameter of eye shorter. Caudal truncate or slightly rounded.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Cirrhites aprinus Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1829
Cirrhites graphidopterus Bleeker, 1853
Cirrhites oxycephalus Bleeker, 1855
Cirrhitichthys graphidopterus Bleeker, 1857
Cirrhitichthys oxyrhynchos Bleeker, 1858
Cirrhitichthys graphidopterus Gunther, 1860
Cirrhitichthys graphidopterus Steindachner, 1861
Cirrhites aprinus Jouan, 1867
Cirrhititchthys bleekeri Day, 1873
Cirrhites oxycephalus Gunther, 1875
Cirrhites fasciatus Day, 1875
Cirrhitichthys aprinus Bleeker, 1877
Cirrhites aprinus Klunzinger, 1884
Cirrhitichthys aprinus Ramsay and Ogilby, 1886
Cirrhitichthys fasciatus Day, 1888
Cirrhitichthys calliurus Tate Regan, 1905
Cirrhitichthys axycephalus M. Weber, 1913
Cirrhitichthys aprinus Barnard, 1927
Cirrhitus oxycephalus Fowler, 1928
Cirrhitichthys aprinus P. J. Schmidt, 1930
Cirrhitichthys aureus Fowler, 1831
Amblycirrhitus indicus Fowler, 1938

Common Name (s)
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