Symbolophorus evermanni   (Gilbert,  1905) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

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Size: 5 cm.

Color: Brownish to blackish, except sides of head which are whitish.

Rounded snout about 1½ times in eye. Dorsal profile of head with a concavity above the eyes. Upper jaw slightly dilated behind, nearly reaching the rounded praeopercular margin. Origin of dorsal about midway in the length of the body (without caudal), slightly behind the origin of ventrals, its hindermost rays opposite to the origin of the anal. Adipose fin opposite to the last dorsal rays. Caudal forked. Scales cycloid, thin, deciduous.

Luminous organs: A small dorsal and ventral antorbital at the frontmargin of the eye. Two operculars, a larger dorsal one somewhat below the level of the ventral margin of the eye, a smaller ventral one behind the angle of upper jaw, 3 branchiostegal ones, 5 nearly equally distant Maculae pectorales, between isthmus and ventrals. 2 Maculae subpectorales, one before the lower base of the pectoral, the other obliquely before and below it and above and slightly before the second Maculae pectorales. Maculae suprapectoralis below the lateral line, above the interspace between the two Maculae subpectorales. 4 equidistant Maculae ventrales in a series between ventral and anus. 12-13 Maculae anales anteriores and posteriores in 2 groups, the anterior containing 7-9 above the anterior ¾ of the anal, the posterior group beginning above the last anal ray or behind it, containing 4-6, the most frequent arrangement being 8+5, others are: 7+5, 7+6, 9+4. Separated from them by an interspace the 2 Prc, a little obliquely arranged. Maculae supraventralis nearly in the middle between lateral line and origin of ventrals. 3 Maculae supraanales nearly forming a right angle, the first above the second Maculae ventrales, the second in the same level as the first, above and slightly behind the last Maculae ventrales, the third quite near the lateral line above and somewhat behind the second, about in the vertical through the anus. Pol near the lateral line, above the last organ of the anterior group of Maculae anales anteriores and posteriores.

Synonym (s)
Myctophum evermanni Max Weber, 1913
Myctophum evermanni Gilbert, 1905

Common Name (s)
• Lantern Fish
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Pelagic


• INDIA (Record: 02/1985-06/1987) (Depth: 40-400 mts)

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