Ditrupa arietina   (O. F. Muller,  1776) (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

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Size: 10-20 mm.by 1-2 mm. Tube 25-40 mm. by 2-3 mm.

Operculum vesicular, opercular plate horny, thick, brown, flat or convex, often encrusted. Tube smooth, elephant tusk shaped, curved and tapering, narrowed at the mouth, white or with brown rings, made of two calcareous layers, the inner opaque white, the outer translucent.

Synonym (s)
Brochus arcuatus Brown, 1827 in Morch, 1863
(Subjective synonym)
Dentalium arietinum Muller, 1776
(Objective synonym)
Dentalium corneum non Linnaeus, sensu Lamarck, 1818
(Subjective synonym)
Dentalium goreanum Clessin, 1896
(Subjective synonym)
Dentalium subulatum Deshayes, 1825
(Subjective synonym)
Ditrupa goreanum (Clessin, 1896)
(Subjective synonym)
Ditrupa libera (Sars, 1835)
(Subjective synonym)
Ditrupa subulata (Deshayes, 1825) in Berkeley, 1835
(Subjective synonym)
Ditrypa arcuata (Brown, 1827)
(Subjective synonym)
Placostegus libera (Sars, 1835)
(Subjective synonym)
Serpula libera Sars, 1835
(Subjective synonym)

Common Name (s)
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Literature Source(s)
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