Thunnus sibi   (Temminck and Schlegel)  1844 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 200 cm.

Color: Back nearly black to grayish blue. Sides silvery. In young specimens the sides are grayish with rows of transverse lighter dots and stripes. Dorsal fins grayish tinged yellow at the margin of the tip. Fin lets yellow, white at the point. Pectorals black dorsally, grayish ventrally, and the tip sometimes washed with yellow. Ventrals grayish, tinged with yellow. Anal white with a yellow tip. Anal fin lets grayish.

Height about 3.5-3.8. Head about 3.4-3.5. Eye 5.7-6, about twice in snout. Mouth oblique. Maxillary reaching posteriorly till opposite first third of eye. Teeth small, conic, sharp and uniserial in jaws. Vomer with a patch of minute teeth. Palatines with similar elongate and narrow patches. Anterior nostril nearer front rim of pupil than tip of snout. Posterior a vertical slit a little less than half orbit and placed in last third of space between its front rim and anterior nostril. Inter orbital space and entire top of head convex. Gill rakers 5-10 + 16-18, compressed, pointed and longest two thirds of orbit. Corselet apparently without distinct emarginations behind, the anterior scales enlarged. First or third spine of first dorsal longest, equal to snout and eye or somewhat shorter. Spines rapidly decreasing in length to the 8th, following spines sub equal or very slightly diminishing in length posteriorly, the anterior part of the fin hence elevated and pointed. Second dorsal originating close behind end of first one, the anterior rays nearly as long as longest spines of first dorsal, the upper edge of the fin concave. Anal similar to second dorsal, its origin below middle of second dorsal. Pectorals long, pointed, in large specimens they scarcely surpass the origin of the second dorsal, but in small specimens about 1 m in length, they reach to the first dorsal fin let. Ventrals about equal to snout and half eye. Lateral line superior and convex at first, then expanding down on middle of side of caudal peduncle to keel. Base of caudal with a low keel above and below.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Thynnus sibi Schlegel 1842
Thynnus germo Gunther 1876
Pelamys sibi Bleeker 1878
Orcynus sibi Kitahara 1897
Germo germo Jordan and Evermann 1905
Germo germon Fowler 1905
Parathunnus mebachi Kishinouye 1923
Germo sibi Jordan and Jordan 1925
Parathunnus sibi Jordan and Hubbs
Parathunnus sibi E. K. Jordan 1925
Parathunnus sibi Jordan and Evermann 1926
Kishinoella zacalles Jordan and Evermann
Germo sibi Fowler 1931
Parathunnus sibi Fowler 1938
Thunnus (Parathunnus) obesus Fraser-Brunner 1950

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Lakshadweep INDIA (Record: 2003)

Literature Source(s)
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