Turridrupa acutigemmata   (E. A. Smith,  1877) (Sea Snail)
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Class: Gastropoda

Image copyrights: G. & Ph. Poppe

Size: 17-21 mm.

Color: Uniformly yellowish brown to reddish brown.

Shell small about 3/4 inch in height, narrowly fusiform, with a tall spire, almost twice the height of the aperture and canal. Spire whorls sculptured with three strong keels and a fourth emergent, or half emergent, over the last two or three whorls. Base with additional seven keels, from below the lower sutural one to the anterior fasciole, which bears several indistinct spirals. Subsutural keel smooth, moderately strong, sinus keel strong, with laterally elliptical gemmules, about 13 or 14 per whorl, which are buttressed top and bottom by swellings, followed by a massive smooth peripheral keel; all keels other than the sinus one are smooth. Interstices of keels with two or three fine spiral threads. Sinus deep, U-shaped, its apex at the termination of the gemmate keel.

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