Conus bandanus   Hwass in Bruguiere,  1792 (Sea Snail)
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Class: Gastropoda

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Size: 50-150 mm

Color: Ground colour white to pale violer or pale pink. Last whirl with a blackish brown network of lines, triangular areas and rhomboid blotches clustered in a spiral band on either side of the central area; bands often with a orange to brown background. Base many be tinged with bluish grey.

Moderately small to large, moderately light to heavy. Forms equestris and vidua smaller than other forms, form nigrescens moderately small to medium-sized and moderately light to moderately solid. Last whorl conical to ventricosely conical, outline nearly straight, variably convex adapically. Shoulder angulate, moderately to strongly tuberculate. Spire of low to moderate height, consistently low in forms vidua, nigrescens and equestris, outline straight to moderately concave. Larval shell of about 2.25 whorls. Postnuclear spire whorls tuberculate. Teleoconch sutural ramps concave in late whorls, with 2-4 weak spiral grooves and additional spiral striae, spiral sculpture often obsolete. Last whorl with weak spiral grooves on basal third to three-fourths. In form equestris, colour bands with larger blackish brown blotches, interspersed with white tents of various sizes. In form vidua, last whorl with a broad blackish brown or occasionally bright orange spiral band above centre and another at basal third, both interspersed with small white to brownish white tents. Lower band often extends to base. White zones below shoulder and below centre with a variably incomplete network of fine zigzag lines and small spots, pattern ranging from obsolete wavy lines to continuous lines edging coalescent tents. Base tinged with bluish grey. Anterior end of aperture violet-brown or orange-brown, rest of aperture white, suffused with blue or orange. In form nigrescens, colour pattern ranging from typically patterned to almost solid black shells. Aperture white to bluish white.

Synonym (s)
Conus mozoii Melvin & Melvin, 1980
Conus nigrescens G. B. Sowerby II, 1859
Conus vidua Reeve, 1843
Conus vidua f. mozoii Melvin & Melvin, 1980
Cucullus equestris Roding, 1798
Cucullus torquatus Roding, 1798

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated,Rocky,Sandy
Trophic Level:  Secondary Consumer
Prey:  Gastropods, including congeners


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