Agalma haeckeli   Bigelow,  1911 (Hydrozoan)
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Class: Hydrozoa

Pneumatophore: Ovate or pyriform, with purple pigment at apical half and yellow at lower half; with 8 equidistant longitudinal lines dividing pericystic cavity into 8 radial pouches.

Nectosome: With 4 pairs of nectophores.

Nectophores: 30 X 20 mm in size, with two triangularly shaped lateral wings; nectosac lying at basal half of nectophore. Ostium with 3 scarlet colored pigment spots at velum at junction of dorsal and lateral radial canals.
Siphosome: Same size as nectosome, stiff densely covered with very thick large bulged bracts, giving a globular (50 mm in diameter) in appearance. Concave inner surfaces of bracts forming a hydroecium for retraction of cormidia.

Cormidia: Dissolved type, with 8 or more gastrozooids and several palpons. Gastrozooids with long pedicels, basigaster small, stomach with four double rows of red-brown liver glands.

Tentacle: With companulate, involucrate tentilla; 7-8 spira-turns in cnidoband, purple colored; tricornuate with spindle shaped central ampulla and a pair of slender lateral horns. Tentacles of palpons simple.
Gonodendra: Occur at bases of palpons, gonophores well developed with umbrella and radial canals; female gonophores companulate with single ovum surrounded by a net work of spadicine canals. Male gonophore sub-cylindrical, purple in color; with central spadix.

Synonym (s)
Agalma eschscholtzii Haeckel, 1888
Agalma haeckeli Bigelow, 1911
Agalma haeckeli Totton, 1965

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Pelagic, Coastal


• Bay of Bengal (Lat: 15) (Long: 90) INDIA
• SRI LANKA (Record: 1962-1965)
• Bay of Bengal (Record: 1962-1965)
• Bay of Bengal INDIA

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