Gonodactylus minikoiensis   Ghosh  1990 (Mantis Shrimp)
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Class: Malacostraca

Size: Female: Total length 30 mm; carapace length 6 mm; rostral plate length 2.5 mm, width 3 mm; telson length 2 mm, width 5 mm; abdominal width 6 mm.

Color: Body color whitish. Distinct black spots present as follows: 2 medially on the sixth thoracic somite, 2 medially and 2 laterally on the first abdominal somite, 2 laterally on 2-5 abdominal somites. A crimson color patch present distally on the inner margin of merus of claw.

Rostral plate slightly broader than long, anterior margin concave, anterolateral angles obtuse, lateral margins divergent. Ocular scales small, apices angled. Dactylus of raptorial claw slender, outer margin basally swollen, tip bent inwards. Sixth abdominal somite with 6 sharp carinae, each ending in a slender posterior spine, spines of lateral carinae turned inwards. Telson slightly broader than long, three mid-dorsal carinae present, none armed posteriorly, median sharper and slender, accessory medians converge under posterior end of median to form U-shaped anchor. Three pairs of marginal teeth present – laterals poorly formed but distinct, intermediates more slender, submedians with movable apices; sub-median denticles many and 2 sharp intermediate denticles present. Proximal segment of urepodal exopod with 11 movable spines on outer margin, distal segment fan-shaped, no lobes between two arms of protoped. Endopods pyriform.

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• Lakshadweep, Minicoy INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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