Acentrogobius cyanomos   (Bleeker,  1849) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Devarapalli, P

Size: 11.5 cm.

Color: Blackish green to oliver above, lighter below. Scales with shiny greenish spots. Similar spots on opercle. On shoulder a blue blotch. First dorsal fin yellowish. Ventral fin whitish, pink to violet. Other fins violet, bordered with reddish to orange. Membrane of second dorsal fin and caudal fin with 3-5 rows of whitish spots between the rays. Base of caudal fin above with dark blotch.

Body elongate, anteriorly cylindrical, posteriorly compressed, height 4 1/2-5 in length, 6-6 1/3 in total length. Head compressed, obtuse, 3 3/5-4 in length, 4 1/2-5 in total length. Eye 4-5 in head, interorbital 1/3-1/2 eye diameter. snout obtuse, about as long as eye, tip a little below lower margin of eye. Anterior nostril in a short tube. Jaws sub-equal. Maxillary extends to below posterior part of eye, in young specimens to below anterior margin of pupil. Lips thick. No barbels. Teeth in upper jaw of outer row enlarged, in lower jaw outer row enlarged, extends to half way the jaw, last two teeth are canines. Longitudinal rows of mucous canals on cheek. Supra-opercular groove with open pores, first pore behind the eye. An open pore medially in interorbital space. Head scaled above behind the eye, rest naked. Scales of head, nape, breast and belly cycloid, of body ctenoid. First dorsal fin lower than body, in male first second and third rays or only second ray filiform. Second dorsal and anal fin lower than body, pointed posteriorly. Pectoral fin without free silk like rays, obtuse, longer than head without snout. Ventral fin rounded, about as long as pectoral fin. Caudal fin obtuse, as long as head.

Remarks: Values in above description denote proportions.

Synonym (s)
Acentrogobius cyanomos Bleeker, 1849
(New combination)
Aulopareia cyanomos Bleeker, 1849
(New combination)
Ctenogobius dentifer Hora, 1923
(Junior synonym)
Gobius cyanomos Bleeker, 1849
(Original combination)
Gobius cyanomos Day, 1876
Gobius cyanoclavis Cantor, 1850
Gobius cyanomos Gunther, 1861
Gobius cyanosmo Day, 1878
Acentrogobius spilopterus H. M. Smith, 1932
Acentrogobius cyanomos Koumans, 1941

Common Name (s)
• Nuna Baila (Bengali)
• Bondu (Telugu)
Economic Importance and Threats
Cultured:  No

Habitat:  Demersal, Estuarine


• Orissa, Mahanadi Estuary (Lat: 20.32) (Long: 86.75) INDIA
• Orissa, Chilika Lake INDIA (Record: 1985-1987)
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Orissa, Chilika Lake INDIA (Record: 1948-1950)

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