Exopalaemon styliferus   (H. Milne Edwards,  1840) (Shrimp)
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Class: Malacostraca

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Size: 90 mm TL; ovigerous females 68-86 mm.

Color: Whitish translucent, with distal part of rostrum dark reddish brown and some darker spots on tips of uropods and telson. Ovigerous females with large dark spots on first 4 abdominal pleura. Eggs of berried females yellowish.

Rostrum armed with 5-7 teeth on basal crest, 1-3 dorsal subterminal teeth, and 6-10 ventral teeth; antennular peduncle with distolateral spine on basal segment barely over reaching adjacent distal margin of segment, free part of shorter branch of dorsolateral flagellum several times as long as fused part; and pereopod with dactylus no more than half as long as propodus. Four posterior abdominal somites not sharply carinate in dorsal mid-line.

Synonym (s)
Leander longirostris Henderson, 1893
Palaemon (Exopalaemon) styliferus Holthuis, 1950
Palaemon styliferus Milne-Edwards, 1840
(Senior synonym)
Palemon longirostris H. Milne Edwards, 1837
Leander styliferus (Milne-Edwards, 1840)
(Senior synonym)
Palemon styliferus H. Milne Edwards, 1840
Leander styliferus Kemp, 1917
Exopalaemon styliferus Chace & Bruce, 1993
Leander styliferus Chopra, 1939
Leander styliferus (H. Milne Edwards, 1840)
Palaemon styliferus H. Milne Edwards, 1840

Common Name (s)
• Roshna Prawn (English)
• Ghora Chingri
• Roshna
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial
(Fisheries, marketed mainly fresh, dried or as shrimp paste. )

Habitat:  Pelagic, Estuarine, Coastal


• Gujarat, Gulf of Kachchh (Lat: 22.6) (Long: 69.5) INDIA
• West Bengal, Kakdwip, Harwood Point INDIA (Record: 17/10/1979, 06/03/1980, 26/04/1980, 28/02/1982, 28/03/1982)
• Maharashtra, Dahanu Creek (Lat: 19.97) (Long: 72.72) INDIA
• Maharashtra, Danda Creek (Lat: 19.6) (Long: 72.72) INDIA
• Maharashtra, Savta Creek (Lat: 19.95) (Long: 72.77) INDIA
• Orissa, Satpara INDIA (Record: 28/06/1986)
• West Bengal, Kakdwip, Mooriganga INDIA (Record: 11/11/1979)
• West Bengal, Sagar Island, Chemaguri INDIA (Record: 15/10/1979, 10/09/1984)
• West Bengal, Diamond Harbour INDIA (Record: 15/01/1980)
• West Bengal, Canning, Nikarighat INDIA (Record: 05/05/1982, 25/02/1985)
• West Bengal, Kakdwip INDIA (Record: 10/10/1982, 11/11/1982, 29/11/1982)
• West Bengal, Namkhana INDIA (Record: 20/03/1983, 31/12/1983)
• West Bengal, Fraserganj INDIA (Record: 19/12/1983, 21/12/1983)
• West Bengal, Sagar Island, Phuldubi INDIA (Record: 11/09/1984)
• West Bengal, Gosaba INDIA (Record: 02/01/1985)
• West Bengal, Basanti, Purandar INDIA (Record: 05/04/1985, 05/04/1987)
• West Bengal, Sudhanyakhali INDIA (Record: 17/04/1985)
• West Bengal, Canning INDIA (Record: 03/04/1986, 12/06/1986, 11/10/1988,21/02/1989)
• West Bengal, Hingalganj, Nazat INDIA (Record: 19/06/1986)
• West Bengal, Jambu Island INDIA (Record: 20/12/1986)
• West Bengal, Kultali, Deulbari INDIA (Record: 14/02/1987)
• West Bengal, Canning, Belekhali INDIA (Record: 17/03/1987)
• West Bengal, Netidhopani INDIA (Record: 31/08/1987)
• West Bengal, Gosaba, Kachukhali INDIA (Record: 02/12/1987)
• West Bengal, Sandeshkhali INDIA (Record: 08/11/1988)
• West Bengal, Kultali, Kishorimohanpur INDIA (Record: 08/11/1988)
• West Bengal, Patharpratima, Dhanchi INDIA (Record: 10/03/1989)
• Maharashtra, Mumbai INDIA
• West Bengal, Gangetic Delta INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Chennai Coast INDIA
• Gujarat, Off Kandla INDIA (Record: 1986-1987)
• Tamil Nadu, Kovalam INDIA
• West Bengal, Kolkata INDIA
• West Bengal, South 24 Parganas INDIA
• West Bengal, Haora INDIA
• West Bengal, Hugli Estuary INDIA
• West Bengal, Medinipur INDIA
• West Bengal INDIA
• West Bengal, Digha Coast (Lat: 21.61) (Long: 87.53) INDIA

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