Caridina propinqua   De Man,  1908 (Shrimp)
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Class: Malacostraca

Max. size: 20 mm TL.

Rostrum with 10-19 dorsal teeth (3 to 5 post orbital), 0-3 ventral teeth; surpassing the second joint of antennular peduncle in length. Antennular peduncle reaching the middle of the distal spine of the antennal scale; the stylocerite reaching the end of the first joint.
Fingers of 3 pairs of chelae with conspicuous terminal brushes of hairs. In the first pair, the carpus one-third longer than merus, chela one-fourth longer than carpus, fingers one and half to two times as long as the palm. In the 2nd pair carpus one and half times as long as merus; chela shorter than the carpus, nearly three times as long as broad; the fingers one and half to two times as long as the palm. In the 3rd pair, the dactylus one-third the length of the propodus.

Synonym (s)
Caridina propinqua de Man 1908
Caridina propinqua Bouvier 1925

Common Name (s)
• Bengal Caridina (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial

Habitat:  Estuarine


• Orissa, Kalijai INDIA (Record: 27/11/1985)
• Orissa, Malud INDIA (Record: 13/12/1985)
• Orissa, Launchghat INDIA (Record: 16/12/1985)
• Orissa, Nalabana INDIA (Record: 17/12/1985)
• Orissa, Off Rambha INDIA (Record: 04/09/1987)
• Orissa, Rambha INDIA (Record: 05/09/1987)
• Orissa, Barakul INDIA (Record: 13/09/1987)
• Orissa, Raghunathpur INDIA (Record: 05/09/1987)
• Bay of Bengal INDIA
• Orissa, Chilika Lake INDIA
• Orissa, Siar INDIA (Record: 13/12/1985)
• Orissa, Gaurangapatna INDIA (Record: 12/12/1985)
• Orissa, Badamukh INDIA (Record: 12/12/1985)
• Orissa, Siari golla INDIA (Record: 07/12/1985)

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