Litonotus fasciola   (Wresniowski,  1870) (Ciliata)
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Class: Litostomatea

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Length: 100 ┬Ám.

Very common, elongate, laterally flattened. A distinctive curving neck region is present, with a slit-like oral area which occupies most of its length. The posterior is rounded with one or more contractile vacuoles. Two spherical macronuclei are present.

Similar species: Litonotus duplostriatus.

Synonym (s)
Amphileptus fasciola Carter, 1856
Amphileptus fasciola Ehrenberg, 1838
Amphileptus fasciola Stein., 1867
Amphileptus massiliensis Gourret & Roeser, 1886
Dileptus fasciola Fromentel, 1874
Leionota fasciola Wrzesniowski, 1870
Leionota fascola Wrzesniowski, 1869
Lionotus fasciola Bhatia & Mullick, 1930
Lionotus fasciola Butschli, 1887
Lionotus fasciola Ghosh, 1921
Lionotus fasciola Kahl, 1926
Litonotus fasciola Kent., 1887
Lopnotus fasciola Schewiakoff, 1889
Loxophyllum fasciola Bhatia, 1920
Loxophyllum fasciola Claparede & Lachmann, 1858
Loxophyllum fasciola Maupas, 1887
Litonotus fasciola Kahl, 1931

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Maharashtra, Mumbai (Lat: 18.98) (Long: 72.83) INDIA
• Orissa, Honeymoon Island INDIA (Record: 5/9/1987)
• Orissa, Somolo Island INDIA (Record: 5/9/1987)
• Orissa INDIA
• Maharashtra INDIA
• West Bengal INDIA
• Orissa, Chilika Lake INDIA

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