Grus grus   (Linnaeus,  1758) (Bird)
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Class: Aves

Image copyright: Hans Bister

Size: 110-120 cm

Color: A tall grey bird with black flight feathers, long neck, dull green bill, and black legs. Head and upper neck blackish with dull red naked patch across nape; a prominent broad white band runs from behind eye down on side of upper neck; tail darker grey, concealed by a mass of long grey drooping tertiaries.
Juvenile: Grey with buff-edged feathers, crown and neck covered by rusty feathers, tertiaries shorter.

Voice: Echoing kraarrh.

Habits: Highly gregarious,sometimes keeps in large flocks of hundreds massed together on open sandbanks of rivers during winter often in company of Demoiselle Crane.

Synonym (s)

Common Name (s)
• Common Crane (English)
• Kraunch (Hindi)
• Kronch (Hindi)
• Kulam, Kulang, Kulangu konga (Telugu)
• Kunj (Gujrati)
• Krunch
Economic Importance and Threats
Threats:  Anthropogenic
(In both its breeding and non-breeding ranges this species is principally threatened by habitat loss and degradation through dam construction, urbanisation and agricultural expansion (including changes in land-use, intensification, expanded irrigation systems and conversion of traditional holm oak pastures))

Habitat:  Estuarine, Muddy
Trophic Level:  Consumer
Prey:  adult (beetles, flies) and larval (Lepidoptera) insects, snails, earthworms, millipedes, spiders, woodlice, frogs, slow-worms, lizards, snakes, small mammals (rodents and shrews), fish and occasionally the eggs and young of small birds
IUCN Status:  Least Concern



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