Lamna nasus   (Bonnaterre,  1788) (Fish)
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Class: Elasmobranchii

Image copyrights: Montealegre-Quijano, S.

Color: Dark grey above, white below, without blotches; rear tip of 1st dorsal abruptly white.

A stout, spindle-shaped shark with large black eyes, a sharp, conical snout, and small, smooth-edged, narrow teeth with side cusps.

Ovoviviparous, embryos feeding on yolk sac and other ova produced by the mother. Oophagous, with an average litter size of around 4 pups.

Synonym (s)
Lamna pennanti (Walbaum, 1792)
Lamna philippii Perez Canto, 1886
Lamna punctata Storer, 1839
Lamna whitleyi Phillipps, 1935
Lanna nasus (Bonnaterre, 1788)
Oxyrhina daekayi Gill, 1861
Selanonius walkeri Fleming, 1828
Squalus cornubicus Gmelin, 1789
Squalus cornubiensis Pennant, 1812
Squalus monensis Shaw, 1804
Squalus nasus Bonnaterre, 1788
Squalus pennanti Walbaum, 1792
Squalus selanonus Leach, 1818

Common Name (s)
• (common) Atlantic Mackerel Shark (English)
• American Porbeagle (English)
• Atlantic Porbeagle (English)
• Beaumaris Shark (English)
• Blue Dog (English)
• Blue Shark (English)
• Bottle-nosed Shark (English)
• Common Porbeagle (English)
• Herring Shark (English)
• Mackerel Shark (English)
• Porbeagle (English)
• Porbeagle Shark (English)
• Salmon Shark (English)
• Swordfin (English)
Economic Importance and Threats
Importance:  Commercial, Dangers
(Fisheries; gamefish; sportfish; The flesh of the porbeagle is of good quality and texture and is said to taste something like swordfish; Utilized fresh, dried or salted and frozen for human consumption; for oil and fishmeal; fins for shark-fin soup; May be pan-fried and broiled.
Traumatogenic; Regarded as potentially dangerous to people because of its size and activity but has never or very seldom been indicted in an attack on people or boats.)

Habitat:  Pelagic
Prey:  Small pelagic schooling species (herring, gaspereau and mackerels, other sharks, squid, cod, white hake, red hake, haddock and cusk
IUCN Status:  Vulnerable


• Kerala, Kochi Fisheries Harbour INDIA (Record: 01/2008-06/2009)

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