Engraulis kammalensis [Status Unaccepted]   Bleeker,   1849 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 15cm in length.

Color: silvery tinged with gold, upper portion of head, dorsal and caudal fins are yellowish with numerous fine black dots.

Protecting snout beyond the lower jaw. Maxilla is large, opposite the angle of the mouth and extend posteriorly to opposite the gill-opening. Fine teeth are present on the jaws. Dorsal fin originates rather nearer the base of the caudal fin than the end of the snout or else midway between these points. Pectoral fin reaches to opposite the end of the small ventral. Anal fin commences a short distance behind the last dorsal ray. Fourteen scutes are present before and eight behind the base of the ventral fin. Twety two gill rankers are present. Pseudobranche are rudimentary.

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• Bay of Bengal INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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