Mesoplodon hectori   (Gray,  1871) (Whale)
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Class: Mammalia

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Size: Male 4.3 m in length, and the largest female measured 4.43 m.

Color: Dark gray to brown on their dorsal sides and pale gray on their ventral sides.

A small triangular tooth protrudes from either side of their lower jaws in males; females also have these teeth, but they remain hidden; the presence of these teeth in males are probably responsible for the scratches and scars commonly seen on the flanks of these animals. They have small, rounded dorsal fins, the front of which angles sharply toward their body.

Synonym (s)
Berardius hectori (Gray, 1871)
Mesoplodon hectori Flower, 1878
Mesoplodon knoxi Hector, 1873
Paikea hectori Oliver, 1922

Common Name (s)
• Hector's Beaked Whale (English)
• Skew Beaked Whale
Economic Importance and Threats

IUCN Status:  Data Deficient



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