Mesoplodon grayi   von Haast,  1876 (Whale)
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Class: Mammalia

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Size: 5.6m in males and 5.3 m in females.

Weight: 1,100 kg

Color: Dark grey, with pale patches on the under-sides.

The small head leads to a narrow beak which becomes white in adulthood; the tips of two relatively small, triangular teeth erupt from the lower jaw in males, about one half from the tip of the beak; there are 17-22 pairs of small teeth in the posterior half of the upper jaw.

Synonym (s)
Berardius hectori Hector, 1874
Mesoplodon australis Flower, 1878
Mesoplodon haasti Flower, 1878
Mesoplodon layardi Lahille, 1905
Oulodon grayi von Haast, 1877

Common Name (s)
• Gray's Beaked Whale (English)
• Scamperdown Whale (English)
• Grey Beaked Whale
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