Onuxodon margaritiferae   (Rendahl,  1921) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: Head length 14.37 – 17.69%; body depth 8.40 - 12.39%; eyes 16.97– 19.61% in head length; pectoral fins 27.17 - 48.57% in head length.

Color: Body translucent in life.

The body is eel-like, slightly compressed and deep; Mouth oblique, maxillary not hidden by skin and reaching far behind hind border of eyes; caudal dusky to black lateralis papillae present on head and anterior lateral line; precaudal vertebrae 19-20; large symphyseal fangs on premaxilla and dentary; median rocker bone present at anterior end of swim bladder. Dorsal fin origin slightly ahead of anal fin origin, dorsal fin much lower than anal fin, anal fin origin behind base of pectoral; dorsal and anal fins confluent with caudal; pectoral fins long; rays supported by small distal radials; ventral fins absent.

They dwell in the body cavity of invertebrate hosts such as pearl oysters, giant clams, tunicates, sea stars, and sea cucumbers.

Synonym (s)
Fierasfer margaritiferae Rendahl, 1921
Onuxodon margaritifer (Rendahl, 1921)

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Coastal


• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Havelock Island (Lat: 12.09) (Long: 92.96) INDIA (Record: 02/2007-03/2007) (Depth: 19 mts)
• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, North Bay (Lat: 11.70) (Long: 92.74) INDIA (Record: 02/2007-03/2007) (Depth: 23 mts)

Literature Source(s)
  • Abdul Nazar, AK; Dharani, G; Rao, DV; Santhanakumar, J and Saravanane, N (2011) A new record of pearl fish Onuxodon margaritiferae (Rendahl, 1921) from Andaman Islands Indian Journal of Fisheries Indian Journal of Fisheries for the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Cochin 58 (2) 141-143 Available at - http://eprints.cmfri.org.in/8662/1/1585_-_A._K._Abdul_Nazar.pdf
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