Rhinopias eschmeyeri   Conde,  1977 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Color: color varies considerably , white, beige, reddish-brown, brown, pink, orange and bright red.

Dorsal fin with 12 spines, 9 rays; and fin with 3 spines, 5 rays; pectoral-fin rays 16, pelvic-fin with 1 spines, 5 rays and 5 rays and soft rays of dorsal fin branched.
It has one small black spot, slightly greater than pupil diameter, in the middle of the membrane between the seventh and eighth dorsal-fin soft rays, dorsal profile of snout curved, initially convex, then deeply concave; interorbital space deep, occipital pit moderately deep; the distal margins of the spinous and the soft-rayed portions of the dorsal fin, pelvic anal and caudal fins without notches or very weakly notched, membrane of the spinous dorsal fin notably fleshy, tips of each caudal-fin ray divided into 4 branches, dorsal-fin spines relatively soft and tips bending easily under slight pressure.

Synonym (s)
Rhinopias eschemeyeri Conde, 1977

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Reef Associated


• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Gulf of Mannar (Lat: 9.16) (Long: 78.83) INDIA (Record: 2009) (Depth: 40m mts)

Literature Source(s)
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